The Doctors’ 2,500-Pound Weight Loss Special

Couple Reveals Surprise Addition

Amy and Matthew say they had grown too comfortable together. Weighing in at a combined 822 pounds, the couple indulged in huge portions and fast-food meals. After a dramatic weight loss transformation, the couple shares a special surprise!

Stress Eater Sheds 200 Pounds!

At 375 pounds, Jeramy says he only took pictures from the chest up, and dressed in clothes that made him feel like he looked smaller. Whenever he was worried about something, the high school teacher says he would turn to food for comfort. Learn why a...

200-Pound Weight Loss Transformation!

When Desiree was 19, she tore the ligaments in her knees in a workplace accident. At about the same time, her father was diagnosed with cancer. The 34-year-old makeup artist says the two traumatic events led her to soothe her stress and anxiety with...

The Doctors’ 2,500-Pound Weight Loss Special

It’s The Doctors’ biggest weight loss episode ever! See the inspirational stories of 12 men and women who've lost a total of 2,500 pounds! Hear their motivation for getting fit and healthy, and see their incredible transformations. Plus, Dr. Travis Stork