12-Year-Old Girl’s Medical Crisis; Diet Pill Dangers; New ADHD Controversy

Meet a 12-year-old girl who suffers from non-stop hunger cravings that have caused her to gain 150 pounds in two years. Learn about the condition that triggers her insatiable appetite — and why bariatric surgery may be the only solution.

Army reservist Sainah claims that diet pills caused her to experience anger and insomnia so severe, she had a psychotic breakdown, which led her to be committed to a hospital mental ward for 72 hours. She is suing the store and the owner of the store...

One in every 10 American children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. But one neurologist says ADHD doesn't exist at all. Learn why The Doctors think ADHD is being overdiagnosed. Plus, find out where to get a proper evaluation.

Alexis, 12, has developed hypothalamic obesity after being diagnosed with a rare brain tumor that damaged her brain and caused it to “think” she’s starving. Alexis' parents share their fears about their daughter's health and their hopes for her future.