Unbelievable Body Transformations; Healthy Foods Making You Fat?

Home Birthing Safety Tips

A mom who live-tweeted while giving birth in her home bathtub shares details of the complications that sent her to the hospital minutes after her son was born. OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains the challenges moms face during an at-home birth. And,...

Bleach Facials?!

When it comes to beauty trends, some people will go to great lengths to get younger skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie joins The Doctors to discuss adding bleach to an at-home facial: Is it an anti-aging secret or a toxic trend?

Hiding Behind Her Weight

Overweight since elementary school, Mae tried dieting on and off through the years, but nothing stuck. After a visit to her doctor, she learned to her dismay, that she had ballooned to nearly 300 pounds! Mae opens up to The Doctors about the second...