Unbelievable Body Transformations; Healthy Foods Making You Fat?

Bleach Facials?!

When it comes to beauty trends, some people will go to great lengths to get younger skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie joins The Doctors to discuss adding bleach to an at-home facial: Is it an anti-aging secret or a toxic trend?

Hiding Behind Her Weight

Overweight since elementary school, Mae tried dieting on and off through the years, but nothing stuck. After a visit to her doctor, she learned to her dismay, that she had ballooned to nearly 300 pounds! Mae opens up to The Doctors about the second...

Snow Kidney Plea for Donor

Jim, 43, and his wife, Jennie, have been searching for a kidney donor for Jim, but with no luck. Learn what motivated the couple to build a kidney made of snow in their front yard.

Fast Path to Beestung Lips?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie joins The Doctors to try a quick fix for plumping your lips. Does this suction device make your lips look like Angelina Jolie's

Weight Loss Makeover Revealed!

Fed up with being nearly 300 pounds and tired of yo-yo diets, Mae decided to try and lose weight again, but this time, she used a different technique to give herself the motivation. She joins The Doctors to reveal her dazzling weight loss...