Bullied Teen’s Battle to Regrow Hair; Shocking Brain Surgery

Back Bump Removal

Watch as dermatological and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee performs a liposuction procedure on Lydia to get rid of her embarrassing back bump.

Living with Cystic Breasts

When doctors told Vivian, 49, that she had “diseased cysts” in her breasts, she feared the worst. As a single mother to a special-needs child, her greatest concern was having to fight cancer while also trying to care for her daughter.

Bald from Bullying

Aolani, a vibrant, biracial 8-year-old, dreamt of having long flowing hair like her grandmother. Upon returning to school with her new hair extensions, however, Aolani says she was bullied by her classmates, who not only called her names but also...

Lydia's New Back

Lydia had been hiding an embarrassing bump on her back, which had formed from large fat deposits. See the results of the liposuction procedure that dermatologic and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee recently performed on Lydia.

Aolani's Family Speaks Out

The family of an 8-year-old girl whose hair was pulled out by school bullies, causing a severe infection and possibly balding her for life, joins The Doctors to share their story.