Super Shred Diet; Paralyzed Man Walks Again; ASPIRE Initiative

Robin McGraw's The Aspire Initiative

Robin McGraw joins The Doctors to introduce The Aspire Initiative, a free domestic violence education curriculum to reduce the level of intimate relationship violence in the U.S.

Robin McGraw's When Georgia Smiled Organization

Robin McGraw, founder of When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, has made it her life’s mission to help empower and stand up for anyone who is being abused or neglected. Learn what inspired her to start the organization, and hear...

How the ASPIRE App Works

Robin McGraw, founder of When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, explains the ASPIRE App, a smartphone app designed to help victims of domestic abuse. Learn how the app could help you or someone you love.

Overweight Couple Wants to Lose Weight

Connie and Frank are a loving couple that loves to eat. From snack-time bagels to late-night bowls of sugary cereal, this couple’s poor eating habits have really taken a toll on their health. They join The Doctors to face their bad habits and get tips...

Paralyzing Spinal Injury

Brad, 26, used to ride snow machines every day, enjoying the thrill of the speed and being outdoors. But in February 2012, his life changed irrevocably. While riding a snow machine, Brad broke his back after jumping off a 100 foot cliff. Not content to...

The ASPIRE Initiative

Robin McGraw explains The ASPIRE Initiative, an interactive program designed to stop domestic violence. Plus, learn what inspired her to take on the issue of domestic violence.

Dr. Ian's Super Shred Diet

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith shares his new Super Shred Diet, which focuses on calorie disruption and negative energy balance to train your stomach to accept less food at each sitting. Dr. Ian explains that this new...