Tricks & Treats for a Happy & Healthy Halloween!

Tricks & Treats for a Happy & Healthy Halloween!

The Doctors embody the ghosts of Hollywood past in a spooktacular Halloween episode! Learn frightening fat facts to help scare away unwanted pounds. And, shocking hazards of sugar-free candies — for you and your pets! Plus, Dr. Sears becomes one of the un

Transforming The Doctors for Halloween

In a spirited Halloween special, The Doctors pay tribute to the golden era of Tinseltown by dressing up as the ghosts of Hollywood past. Meet the team of makeup specialists who transformed The Doctors into living, breathing black-and-white photographs!

Grayscale Makeup Tips

EI School of Professional Makeup shows the basic steps to create a monochromatic appearance for your next costume.

Zombie-Infested 5K Obstacle Course

In the spirit of Halloween, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman take part in a zombie-infested 5K fundraiser called Run For Your Lives! Watch as Dr. Sears joins the ranks of the undead and chases down Dr. Berman!