140-Pound Weight Loss; Autistic Hate Letter? Cancer Drug Denial?

Danielle's 140-Pound Weight Loss Reveal

Danielle, 27, appeared on The Doctors last November and shared her experience undergoing robotic gastric bypass surgery. The Doctors then set her up with a nutritionist and a personal trainer to help her on her journey to a healthier life. Danielle has...

Raising a Child with Autism

Jim and Karla are the parents of two autistic children, Jackson and Max. Though they are used to the looks they receive when out in public, nothing could have prepared them for the hate-filled letter they recently received from a neighbor. The couple...

The Power of Words

If you knew your ability to speak would soon be lost, what would your last words be? Marie, a wife and mother, recently faced that question just days before a drastic surgery to arrest her cancer.