Breaking Medical News; Contaminated Spices; Food Fixes for Unhealthy Hair

Excessive shedding? Learn which health conditions can cause hair loss, and see how adding iron to your
diet may help treat the problem.

Pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Julie Wei explains how consuming too much sugar and dairy before bedtime could cause certain children to suffer recurring cold and allergy-like symptoms.

The U.S. imports more than 80 percent of its spices, and alarming research from the FDA revealed that roughly 7 percent of them were tainted with salmonella. Learn about the safety protocols that have been put in place to help reduce the risk of...

Medically known as muscle dysmorphia, "bigorexia" is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes individuals to become fixated with the notion that their muscular build is undersized and underdeveloped. Learn about the potential physical and...

Executive editor of Richard Ayoub joins The Doctors to give the scoop on the latest celebrity health headlines. Hear details on pop star Justin Bieber's arrest for DUI.