25-Year-Old Zit; Dangerous Bra Mistakes; Is Your Urine Normal?

Dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby joins The Doctors to discuss the shocking story of a woman with a 25-year-old pimple. Learn what causes this condition and the best way to treat it.

The Doctors are joined by Nick, a man who holds a brand-new title that most men would find very embarrassing — he is the recent winner of Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis contest. Learn what urologic surgeon Dr. Dudley Danoff says could be affecting the...

Susan, known on stage as Busty Heart, has an unusual profession: She uses her size 34M breasts to break and flatten items. She joins The Doctors to get tips for finding the right bra.

Dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby explains the best way to treat multiple types of acne at one time.