Washing Machine Dangers; Counterfeit Condoms; Bizarre in the ER

Counterfeit Condoms?

Authorities in China recently seized 4.6 million fake condoms, many of which had false labels carrying major brand names. Learn how to identify counterfeit condoms, and which type of condoms are best to use.

Heart Attack at 21

The day before her college graduation, Megan – who had always been fit and healthy -- had a heart attack. She shares the details of that day, including how long she waited before heading to the emergency room.

New Procedure to Relieve “Tennis Elbow”

April, 27, began noticing some soreness in her elbow, followed a pinching pain each time she would try to open a door or write something down. After being diagnosed with tendonitis or “tennis elbow,” April turned to physiatrist Dr. Tim Davis to perform...

Which is Worse?

The Doctors set the record straight on holding in your pee vs. using a dirty porta-potty, drunk driving vs. drunk walking and binge drinking vs. daily drinking. The answers may surprise you!

Moldy Mess

Find out what kind of washing machine is prone to growing black mold. Then, learn who the manufacturers are blaming for the problem.

Sleep Shot to Pieces?

Does your significant other snore, toss and turn or get up a dozen times during the night to use the bathroom? Find out the two things that researchers say can improve immediately when you sleep apart from your significant other.