New Heroin Epidemic; Cord Blood Debate; Diabetes Cure?

The New Heroin Epidemic

From prescription drugs to illegal narcotics, the DEA reports an alarming surge in drug use and abuse among Americans over recent years. In particular, usage of the highly addictive opiate, heroin, has spiked to an epidemic level. The increase in...

Controversial Cord Blood Debate

Learn about a controversial new law in Mississippi that mandates medical professionals collect umbilical cord blood from teens who give birth prior to age 16 and refuse to name the father.

Entering Rehab for Heroin Addiction

After one last binge, a 21-year-old heroin addict named John agrees to enter rehab. Watch as registered nurse, former addict and author of "The Interventionist" Joani Gammill helps guide him on the road to recovery.

How Heroin Affects the Body and Mind

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the highly addictive opiate, heroin, affects both the body and the mind. Plus, actress, recovering addict and author of "High on Arrival" Mackenzie Phillips weighs in on whether heroin users can ever overcome...

The Rehab Process for Heroin Addiction

Dr. Melissa Lee Warner, medical director at The Farley Center in Williamsburg, Virginia, explains how addicts typically react when first entering a treatment facility. Plus, learn whether a 21-year-old heroin user named John was successful in...