<i>The Doctors</i> Investigates: What’s Really in Your Food?

Dr. Ian’s House Call

Chris, a police officer, fell while running full speed after a suspect. Since the accident, Chris has gained 30 pounds and the weight gain is hampering his recovery. Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Ian Smith helps get Chris back in...

Manufactured Food

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how engineered foods create cravings. Plus, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals how many snack commercials the average kid sees every year.

Chemical Cuisine

With chemicals being added to our food supply, the debate over whether it's safe to eat processed foods continues. Two experts disagree over the effect of food additives on our health.

Is Your Meat Healthy?

After The Doctors tested several steaks, we found some shocking things living on the samples. Find out what you can do to protect yourself from tainted meat.

Animal Antibiotic Debate

Antibiotics stand between us and the bacteria that can make us ill, but some say the overuse of antibiotics for livestock poses an even greater danger to our health. The experts debate the use of antibiotics. Are they being used for other things...

Chemical Reactions

Many consumers realize that processed foods contain soaring sodium and sugar amounts, but what they might not realize is the long list of chemical additives that are making a greater appearance in our favorite foods. Experts debate the science behind...

Say Cheese!

Most people have heard that soda, chips and candy are big contributors to the obesity crisis in the United States, but what about one of the most All-American of foods: cheese! Find out just how much cheese American consume each year.