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Targeted Treatment for Leukemia

A new experimental treatment for certain types of cancer enables the body’s immune system to seek out and destroy cancer cells without damaging the body’s healthy cells. See how it works.

Dangers of Sizzurp

Stay up to date on the latest health headlines. Learn about targeted treatments for cancer, therapy dolls to help children cope with tragedy and more. Then, don’t miss a shocking investigation on “sizzurp” — a popular purple concoction with deadly potenti

The Next Generation of Condoms?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has created an initiative to discover "the next generation condom," one that significantly enhances pleasure without decreasing efficacy, in the hopes that it will spur more people to engage in protected sex. Origami...

Diseased Organ Transplants?

Organ transplants are often necessary to save lives, but did you know that sometimes the only organs available may be diseased? The Doctors discuss the safety protocols for organ transplantation.

Friday News Feed

Stay up to date on the latest health headlines and how they could affect you. See how the newest cancer treatments are improving cure rates. Then, rapper Lil Wayne reportedly overdosed on “sizzurp.” Get the facts about the dangerous concoction.