Top Health Questions from Baby Boomers!

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Babies, bottles and bedtime seem to go hand in hand, but putting your baby to sleep with a bottle could harm his or her health. See how baby bottle tooth decay occurs and learn oral hygiene tips to prevent it.

Gender Revealing Baby Showers

Baby showers are often associated with presents, cake and social celebration, and now, expectant parents are using at-home sonogram machines to show off the literal life of the party! Many moms and dads are incorporating gender-revealing, 3D and 4D...

What Causes a Loss of Taste and Smell?

Vision and hearing are known to decline with age, but what about other senses? The Doctors explain how the sense of taste and smell are affected by the aging process, and whether a loss of these senses is genetic.

Top Health Questions from Baby Boomers!

Fine lines? Thinning lips? “Turkey” necks? Dr. Ordon recommends treatments for retired baby boomers. Could they work for you? Then, which foods are safest for baby? Dr. Sears reveals the mommy menu “squish test.”

Hysterectomies May Increase Libido

Many women fear hysterectomies because the procedure is sometimes associated with negative side effects, such as hormonal imbalance and decreased sex drive. New research, however, shows hysterectomies may actually improve libido. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa...