Body Parts You Can Live Without!

The department of nanotechnology and regenerative medicine at University College London often is called the human body parts store. The team uses stem cells and synthetic materials to grow replacement organs and body parts.

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains that nipples develop before the sex of a baby is determined, and why some people have "extra nipples." Male nipples still can cause pleasure and pain.

The gallbladder, which sits under your liver, can become painful when gallstones form, blocking the flow of bile from the liver to the small intestine. Learn how to recognize the symptoms and how to prevent the stones from forming.

Solina says her 5-year-old son "is always coming down with a sore throat," and she wants to know if getting his tonsils removed would help. Ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the criteria for deciding when a tonsillectomy is needed.

Male nipples, belly buttons and tailbones: Learn which body parts you can live without – but why you still need to take care of them. And, find out what tonsils do and when they need to come out, plus the signs of an infected appendix or gallbladder.

A witness recently became so upset while testifying that his prosthetic eye popped out, disturbing the jurors and leading the judge to call a mistrial. The Doctors discuss how to protect your eye after an injury and help save your eyesight.

Do any of the 5 million hairs on our bodies serve a purpose? The Docs explain its function from head to toe. Did you know that in the future, humans may evolve to have less hair?