10 Questions, 10 Specialists

The answer: Yes! Dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche explains cutaneous horns, cone-shaped growths that may be cancerous and can reach up to 9 inches in length.

Reality star Snooki reportedly exfoliates with cat litter, and actress Megan Fox says she forgets to flush the toilet. Get the lowdown on questionable celebrity hygiene habits.

Couples across the country are striving for a deeper connection by utilizing a 100-year-old bedroom technique called Karezza — a method of lovemaking that doesn’t involve climax.

The average person gains 10 pounds during the winter months. Internist, nutrition specialist and author of The Calendar Diet Dr. Melina Jampolis reveals three foods to help shed pounds for spring.

Dr. Travis and 10 top female specialists bring you easy ways to lose weight, end pain and much more! Get a flatter tummy without a single sit-up and three super foods that can help you drop pounds. Plus, the potential side effects of fertility drugs.