Women’s Embarrassing Questions Uncensored

Shaye was born with two female reproductive systems. She asks: “How did this even happen? Is it something genetic?”
OB/GYN Dr. Millie Behera explains that about one in 3,000 women have a double uterus.

The Doctors' “V-team” sets the record straight about what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to the female body.
Fact or fiction: Your hymen will bleed when you lose your virginity. Watch the video to find the answer?

The Doctors' “V-team” — OB-GYNs Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Millie Behera and Dr. Lisa Masterson — give you a crash course in the female anatomy!

Viewer Tessa says, “after three beautiful kids, things just aren’t the same as they used to be down there. Bike riding, sex and even wearing tight pants can be uncomfortable so I’m considering getting surgery to tighten things up.” She wants to know if...