High-Tech Treatments: Can They Help You?

May May Ali, daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, joins The Doctors to set the record straight about her father’s health and discuss new advances in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. And, can you rewire your brain to eat less? Find out!

Half of all gastric bypass surgeries are performed on women of child-bearing age. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says female patients need to talk with their doctors before the surgery to address potential complications with birth control and pregnancies.

Wendy, a mother of three, loves to exercise but she’s noticed that her bladder tends to leak when she’s doing high-impact aerobics. “Is there a way to fix this, or help it because the whole Kegels thing is not quite cutting it?”

Parkinson’s is a progressive, debilitating disorder that starts in the brain and affects motor function. Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is one of more than 1 million Americans who are living with Parkinson’s disease, and each year another 60,000 are diagnosed

A new trend in online dating sites allows people to search for a potential love connection based on shared medical conditions. The Doctors discuss whether the websites are a good idea.