Redesign Your Health

Oil-less Fryer Recipes

The Big Boss Oil-less Fryer is a tri-technology cooker that uses halogen lights, convection and infrared heat to brown, roast and crisp your favorite foods – without oil! Below are the three recipes featured on The Doctors, as well as three bonus recipes.

Migraine Surgery with Botox

Nanette says she's suffered from migraines for the last 20 years and undergoes migraine surgery with Botox in hopes of curing her condition. Follow Nanette and plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Miranda into the operating room.

Redesign Your Health

Boost your mood, increase your energy and improve your health. Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson reveals top decorating tricks to revitalize your well-being. Then, Jessica Alba’s stroke scare. And, a cutting-edge cure for migraines. Could it work for you?

Is Sweat Sexy?

Different types of sweat put off unique scents. An audience volunteer smells several sweaty T-shirts; can she tell the difference?

Plants and Mirrors

Need to refresh your surroundings? Lifestyle expert Moll Anderson explains how house plants can lower anxiety and mirrors can boost energy.