The Doctors’ Ultimate Sex Guide

A new FDA-approved pill is creating a sexual controversy since it can be used up to five days after engaging in unprotected sex or experiencing contraceptive failure.

The Forty Beads Method utilizes beads as a form of expressing desire and love for your significant other. The Method focuses on dissolving negative tension that builds around sex in a marriage and instead tries to create a mutual, respectful and...

Seven new ways to have an orgasm tonight! Celebrity chef Candice Kumai shows you how to cook your way to a climax! Learn a “sexercise” routine to strengthen your sexual core. Plus, discreet “sexcessories” for personal pleasure.

From a “makeup brush” that will truly make you blush, to “mascara” that can work magic and more, see arousing items from the Screaming O Studio Collection, the latest in discreet sexual accessories.