Top Tips from America's Healthiest Cities

Smoking Ban in Your Home?

The city of San Rafael, California, about 15 miles from San Francisco, California, recently passed a ban on lighting up in duplexes, condos and other multifamily homes. It’s the toughest smoking ban in the nation.

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork...

America's Healthiest Cities

The Doctors partnered with SELF magazine to reveal America’s healthiest cities and how you can incorporate healthy practices into your life no matter where you live.

Tips to Lower Cholesterol

The women of Bethesda, Maryland, have the lowest cholesterol rate in America, according to a SELF magazine survey of the healthiest cities. Learn tips for lowering cholesterol levels, and get the recipe to "The Doctors'" Cholesterol-Cutting Smoothie!

What to Learn From an Unhealthy City

Women in El Paso, Texas, have 11 percent more STDs than average, are less likely to get regular Pap smears and are more likely to have less health insurance coverage. As a result, there are 79 percent more deaths from cervical cancer in El Paso than...