Fix Dry Skin, Thin Hair & Unwanted Flab!

Symptoms of NEHI

Neuroendocrine hyperplasia in infancy (NEHI) is a respiratory disease that causes the cells that transport oxygen into the bloodstream to overproduce. This hyper-production of cells acts like a surplus of filters in the lungs and prohibits air from...

Amazing Birds

Exotic bird expert and entertainer Clint Carvalho and his amazing feathered friends join the show. Learn about birds’ remarkable vision, aerial aptitude and their innate abilities to speak and sing.

Animal Pop Quiz

Which animal reigns supreme as the healthiest creature in all the animal kingdom -- the shark, the koala bear or the crocodile? The Doctors and animal expert Suzi Rapp explain the answer.

Feces-Laced Coffee?

See how the palm civet, a small, wide-eyed mammal native to the tropical forests of Asia, is responsible for creating some of the world’s richest coffee.

Goat Milk Stuff

Goat’s milk is not only easy to digest and allergen-free, but it also has moisturizing properties that are great for the skin. For the Jonas family in rural Indiana, goat’s milk has turned into a bustling beauty business. In addition to making soaps,...