Are your Fantasies Dangerous?

Would you eat a tapeworm to lose weight? Learn about this extreme dieting technique! Plus, a sex expert bares all about secret bedroom fantasies. And, ladies, do you wish your man was bigger “down there?” Learn the dos and don’ts of male enhancement.

Admit it. You’ve secretly fantasized about a doctor, maybe even one of The Doctors themselves. But this is one of those fantasies that you shouldn't turn into a reality.

P’etra is a model and her agency recently told her she needs to lose two inches from her waist. She says she's heard about a tapeworm diet and wants to know if its a safe option for losing weight.

Nikki found out at 20 weeks that her pregnancy was abormal and the egg had implanted outside of her uterus. Her doctors suggested she terminate, but Nikki says her pregnancy felt healthy to her so she decided to move forward, though doctors told her...

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon describes several methods for making your penis look larger, but he warns of the many risks associated with male enhancement.

Dr. Ordon encourages men considering enlargement to "change the things that you can...