Emergency Situations: How to Save a Life

Peanut Allergy Awareness

Approximately 15 million Americans are affected by deadly food allergies. Kylie, 12, suffers from a severe allergy to peanuts – one so extreme that she’s even airborne reactive.

Superhuman Strength

Lauren Kornacki from Glen Allen, Virginia exhibited superhuman strength when her father became pinned underneath a car. She was miraculously able to lift the car off his trapped body, drag him out and resuscitate him with CPR. E.R. physician Dr. Travis...

Living with a Deadly Peanut Allergy

Kylie, 12, suffers from a severe allergy to peanuts. Kylie joins The Doctors, along with her mother, Yael, and allergist Dr. Cathy Green to discuss anaphylaxis awareness and a new molecular blood test to determine the severity of a child's food allergy.

Vital Intervention Professionals

Mother and son interventionists of Vital Intervention Professionals (VIP) Recovery, Debbie and Brandon Knauss, join The Doctors to explain how they’re using their new television series, Cracking Addiction on TLC, to save lives of those suffering from...

Emergency Situations: How to Save a Life

Could you save someone’s life in a dire situation? The Doctors give you must-have info for medical emergencies. Learn how to react if someone you love is bleeding from the mouth, nose or ears. Find out what to do when someone is having a seizure, how to d