Health Secrets Your Personal Photos Reveal!

Serge, a skateboarder who was hit by a truck, joins The Doctors to talk about his miraculous survival story. Plus, his surprising view on wearing a helmet.

Meet Horse, a man whose self-proclaimed talent is taking blows to the groin. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performs a testicular ultrasound to determine any possible damage to Horse’s fertility.

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork challenges two audience members to point out people’s health issues in a succession of photographs. Can they find the right clues?

Shelby, 17, says she’s been teased since middle school about her nose. After some serious thinking with her mother, Shelby reached out to The Doctors. for a solution.Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner performs Shelby’s rhinoplasty....

Anus tattoos are growing in popularity. Learn the risks associated with altering this sensitive area.

Are you the picture of health? Learn how your personal photos, videos and voicemails could indicate a liver infection, digestive tract disorder, cancer and more. Plus, out-of-the-blue black and blues? Find out the meaning behind mysterious bruises.