5 Unbelievable Medical Makeovers!

Danielle's New Smile

Danielle says she's struggled with severe tooth decay all her life and reaches out to The Doctors for a solution. Follow Danielle into the operating room as she undergoes reconstructive dental surgery. Plus, see her new smile!

5 Unbelievable Medical Makeovers!

You have to see it to believe it! Learn how one man finally found relief from a 20-year eye twitch and see a fascinating surgery that reverses paralysis. Plus, how robots are helping hair-loss, a jaw-dropping dental makeover and more.

The 20-Year Twitch Solution

For more than two decades, pediatrician Dr. Victor Oya has coped with a relentless twitch that began in his eye and spread all the way down to his chin. After trying a multitude of treatments Dr. Oya reached out to neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin for a...

Robotic Hair Transplant

Hair restoration surgeon Dr. James Harris joins The Doctors to reveal the ARTAS System, a new technology that reverses a condition that affects millions of people worldwide: Hair loss.

Antibiotics and Tooth Decay

Periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovon explains that dental problems like rapid tooth decay can start in the womb and can also be caused by antibiotics or malnutrition.