The Naked Truth about Your Health

Big O or Big Faux?

The Doctors enlisted Kellie and Jamal to perform an orgasm experiment – the engaged couple agreed to have sex on three consecutive nights, and Kellie would decide to “make it or fake it” in the bedroom. See if Jamal knows the naked truth about which...

Naked Dangers in the Bathroom

Hear one man’s shocking and scary story about how his tempered glass shower door suddenly exploded while he was showering. Plus, learn safety tips on what to do if a glass shower door shatters.

Bare Feet Spa

For years, Laura has been self-conscious about unsightly hair on her toes. See how the Silk’n Flash & Go, a new at-home device that uses pulse light laser technology, can permanently remove unwanted body hair. Plus, esthetician Jill from Stark Waxing...

How "Food Porn" Affects the Brain

Has an image of food, whether in a magazine or on a menu, ever caused you to mentally salivate? Learn how the brain is affected by "food porn", and find out whether certain foods are better “naked” or “dressed."