5 Amazing Before & Afters Revealed

Ordinary people, extraordinary changes: A full hour of amazing befores and afters in a very special episode of The Doctors. Plus, the latest solutions for excess wrinkles, stubborn acne, belly flab and more.

The Jet Peel promises to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Could it work for you?

Nearly one year ago, Maria appeared on "The Doctors" looking to erase the scars of her past. Follow her into the operating room as she undergoes a transformation to change her look and her life.

If you or someone you love requires skin cancer removal, learn how stem cells harvested from your own fat can expedite the healing process.

Previously on The Doctors, Darren demonstrated how hard work and determination helped him drop 300 pounds. But with all the weight he lost, he gained tons of excess skin. Plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Ritu Chopra perform a panniculectomy to...

Earlier this year, Lisa joined The Doctors hoping to find a solution for her severe acne. Dermatologist Dr. Howard Liu determined that the cause of Lisa’s blemishes was hormonal and placed her on hormone therapy, in addition to acne laser therapy to...

While trying to fix a jammed nail gun Dennis, 52, accidentally fired a four-inch nail into his chest, piercing his right ventricle and sending him into cardiac arrest. Hear how a team of doctors saved his life.

Recent research shows that undergoing frequent dental x-rays may put you at higher risk of meningiomas, benign brain tumors that can grow and cause problems such as vision loss, hearing issues, headaches, memory loss and seizures. The Doctors and...

More than 400,000 people are rushed to the emergency room each year from power tool injuries. HGTV’s Eric Stromer shares life-saving safety tips for working do-it-yourself projects.