The One-Hour Guide to a Pain-Free Life

Fixing Trigger Finger

Leslie, 50, has been suffering from trigger finger in her thumb for the past two years. The condition disables her from moving her thumb without excruciating pain, and she’s tried cortisone shots and braces for treatment. Hand and wrist surgeon Dr....

Beat Bloating Naturally

Holly, 42, says that she tries to eat healthy but every time she eats at a vegan restaurant, she becomes bloated, gassy and tired. She asks The Doctors why healthy foods give her stomach troubles. Plus, natural remedies to beat bloating.

The One-Hour Guide to a Pain-Free Life

Stop back pain with and <i>without</i> surgery, cure an aching elbow for good and fix a throbbing finger with a ground-breaking procedure. Plus, tips to reduce bloating, how to heal a headache before it becomes unbearable and more.

What Causes Elbow Pain?

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bill Stetson performs arthroscopic surgery to repair Steve’s broken elbow. Plus, learn why arthritis is not the most common cause of elbow pain.

The Skinny on Supermodels

The Israeli government recently passed a law banning underweight models from appearing in ads. It also requires ads to state if the image has been altered. But where do you draw the line between a naturally-skinny frame and someone who is truly...

The Magic Wand

Surgical items left in the body can lead to infection, injury and pain. In the operating room, doctors count their instruments before and after surgery to make sure all items are accounted for; however, it’s not 100 percent accurate each time....