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Overweight Rewards

The Doctors and Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Reader's Digest magazine, discuss a Florida casino's Mardi Gras promotion, where patrons were rewarded with cash for every pound they weighed.

Beauty “Fakeover” Results

From an instant facelift to an instant buttlift, beauty expert Kym Douglas provides simple and effective solutions for common body complaints. Kym gives Ida head-to-toe tips to mask her age and spruce up her appearance. See the results of Kym’s...

The Truth about Telling a Lie

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how lying affects your body. Plus, polygraph expert Jack Trimarco reveals clues on how to discern fact from fiction.

Teen Plastic Surgery Trends (Part 1)

Dr. Michael Niccole, a prominent, board-certified plastic surgeon, recently performed breast augmentation on his own daughter. Dr. Niccole and his daughters, Brittani and Charm, join "The Doctors" to address the controversy swirling around their story.

Benefits of SmartLipo

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Nikolov joins The Doctors to demonstrate how the SmartLipo laser liposuction procedure can sculpt the knees or any other problem area by melting the fat prior to suctioning it out. The result produces...