4 Ways to Prevent Medical Mistakes

The Doctors and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss how, despite all the checks and balances in the United States' healthcare system, medical mistakes inevitably happen. But who or what is to blame, and how can the system be altered to prevent further tragedies?

Learn how addressing any and all medical complications and drug interactions before undergoing surgery can save your life.

Fifteen-year-old Clay Beabout was diagnosed with a variety of developmental abnormalities while still in utero. Learn about the dangers of VATER Syndrome.

Fifteen-year-old Clay Beabout was diagnosed with VATER syndrome, a variety of developmental abnormalities, while still in utero. Learn about Clay’s festival-winning short film, Deep Blue Breath, starring himself and actor Sean Astin, and based on the...

The Doctors and neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta share life-saving information for preparing for surgery, avoiding medication errors, following up on lab results and more. Plus, the must-know warning signs of prescription drug abuse.

Learn how medical identification bracelets, necklaces and tattoos can assist doctors in providing expedient and correct care if you’re admitted into a hospital.

The Doctors explain how following up with your doctor for imaging and/or lab results can prevent any mix-ups or failed notifications.