20 Ways the Color Green Affects Your Health

Green Tea Benefits

Intelligence For Your Life radio host and journalist John Tesh explains his unique way to receive the health benefits of green tea.

Green Fungus Treatment

Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban and plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon explain how PinPointe laser therapy can permanently eradicate unsightly toenail fungus.

Referral to The Doctors

John Tesh receives a question on his radio show, Intelligence For Your Life, about whether dairy can interfere with iron consumption. He refers the question to The Doctors.

Food Labeling System

The Doctors discuss whether the FDA should enact a letter grade system for nutritional labels to help shoppers make healthier choices.

Green Pus

See how the PICO negative pressure wound therapy system is used to prevent oozing infections and help injured areas heal faster.