How To Stop Your Body From Sagging, Shifting & Shaking!

LenSx Laser Cataract Procedure

The new LenSx laser has been shown to improve safety and accuracy, and yield more predictable results in performing cataract surgery. The laser creates the incisions in the eye, then breaks up the cataract and treats the astigmatism, allowing the...

Finding Your Balance

Feeling a little unsteady as you age? Shirlee, 75, says she’s recently suffered a few falls, and asks The Doctors how to improve her balance.

How to Avoid Child Abductions

News stories about kidnappings have many parents concerned about their child's safety. Safety expert Bob Stuber shares precautions to take to avoid an abduction, as well as defense techniques in the midst of an attack.

Vaccines: Should You Give Them a Shot?

Dr. Travis explains that as we age, our immune system ages as well, making us more susceptible to sickness and disease. Vaccinations are available to defend against number of illnesses – learn which ones could be right for you.