What To Do When It Won’t Go Away!

What to Do When It Won’t Go Away!

Persistent pains, incessant itching, endless ear-ringing – fix your most relentless ailments today! Whiten bloodshot eyes for good, relieve the itch you can’t stop scratching and more. And, the secret to getting in and out of public bathrooms germ-free!

Bathroom Tips

Grossed out about what may be lurking in the bathroom? Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears reveals the secrets to getting in and out of the restroom germ-free.

Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus, or a constant ringing in the ears, can be debilitating over time. See a new, breakthrough device that can help relieve the ringing.

Pet Health

Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz explains how to keep your pet’s gums and mouth healthy.

Liver Tumor Removal

Transplant surgeon at the University of California, San Diego Dr. Alan Hemming performed Ex-Vivo liver resection surgery, an extensive procedure that involves removing the liver from the body, on Clerisa, who had a tumor on her liver. While she is...

Chronic Bloodshot Eyes

James, 34, has suffered from chronic bloodshot eyes for more than five years, and is looking for a fix. James visits eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer-Wachler, who performs a procedure to remove the membrane that covers the surface of the eye, which has been...

Skin Issues

From dandruff to bug bites, dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon explains how to squash your skin issues.