The Doctors Unscripted: Uncomfortable Body Issues

Four doctors, one stage, no script and tons of surprises: Anything can happen on The Doctors Unscripted!

The Doctors get a surprise guest with a smelly situation. Dean’s wife left him alone with their 6-month-old son, Hudson and a dirty diaper. The Doctors show Dean simple tips for changing a baby’s soiled diaper.

Fran Capo, the world’s fastest-talking female, calls The Doctors to ask OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson to find out if it’s normal to menstruate later in life. But not before playing a fast-talking trick on The Doctors!

Do you know what to do in case of a fire? Luke Perisin, from the Orange County Fire Authority, gives Dr. Lisa a lesson in how to correctly operate a fire extinguisher.

The Doctors taste food-flavored vodkas. From bacon to salmon, can they guess which is which?