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Hate Your Hammertoe?

If you hate the appearance of your feet, you’re not alone. Schanel, 25, has hammertoes and bunions on both of her feet, a problem she’s been dealing with since the age of 10. Foot surgeon Dr. Ali Sadrieh performs a procedure in which he removes a...

The Doctors Check In with Tanya

Tanya, 35, previously appeared on The Doctors for help with her body image. Despite being an avid exerciser, she said that when she looked in the mirror, she still saw herself as an overweight seventh grader. The Doctors check in with Tanya for an...

Can Sitting Cause Cancer?

Studies show that the 100,000 new cases of breast cancer and 49,000 cases of colon cancer per year may be attributed in part to physical inactivity. The study found the more time people spend sitting, the higher their risk of dying early from cancer.

Frey's Syndrome

Rochelle, 35, had a left parotid gland removed in 2001. Following the surgery, she noticed that the site of the incision would sweat profusely every time she ate. Doctors ultimately diagnosed her with Frey’s syndrome, a rare disorder that often occurs...


Dermatologist Dr. Greg Van Dyke demonstrates how to banish blemishes, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles with the new skin treatment, Allumera.