Twelve Tricks to Save Your Life in 2012

Lacerated Artery

Do you know when a deep cut can put your life in real danger? E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shows you life-saving tips in the event that you lacerate an artery.

Self Defense

Former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin demonstrates must-know self defense tips.


Anesthetics, such as propofol, have made headlines due to the death of pop legend Michael Jackson and the ensuing trial of his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg, author of Getting Over Going Under, explains the risks...

Ice Tips

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explain what to watch out for before stepping onto ice.

Story of Survival

While driving on a mountainous road, David Lavau veered off a cliff and pummeled off a 300-foot cliff into a ravine. He was trapped in the wilderness for six days, living off leaves, grass and ants. Miraculously, David’s children found him, and he was...