F-Words You Can’t Ignore!

From fast food and flab to your biggest fears, The Doctors tackles the F-words affecting your health. Win a fitness session with Jillian Michaels! Learn how. Plus, face your biggest phobias with the all-new series “Project Fear.”

Chrissy, 32, says she was recently asked to stop breastfeeding her son, Moses, at a public pool in Ohio because of complaints from pool-goers. 

Are the health benefits of breast-feeding over-hyped? Joan B. Wolf, Ph.D., author of "Is Breast Best?," challenges the widespread belief that breast-feeding is better for a baby than bottle-feeding.

After a difficult battle with lupus, Nicole, now 32, married her husband, Brandon, in 1999, and soon after, developed a rare bacterial infection that nearly killed her, and left her 98 percent blind. Despite her disability, and being told she had just...

OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson performs an ultrasound on Nicole, and explains that there may be a way for Nicole, who has a heightened sense of touch, to feel what Dr. Lisa and Brandon see on the screen.

Thanks to cutting-edge 3-D ultrasound technology from Brazil, Nicole gets a chance to feel what it’s like to hold her baby before it’s even born.