F-Words You Can’t Ignore!

Are the health benefits of breast-feeding over-hyped? Joan B. Wolf, Ph.D., author of "Is Breast Best?," challenges the widespread belief that breast-feeding is better for a baby than bottle-feeding.

Thanks to cutting-edge 3-D ultrasound technology from Brazil, Nicole gets a chance to feel what it’s like to hold her baby before it’s even born.

From fast food and flab to your biggest fears, The Doctors tackles the F-words affecting your health. Win a fitness session with Jillian Michaels! Learn how. Plus, face your biggest phobias with the all-new series “Project Fear.”

After a difficult battle with lupus, Nicole, now 32, married her husband, Brandon, in 1999, and soon after, developed a rare bacterial infection that nearly killed her, and left her 98 percent blind. Despite her disability, and being told she had just...

Chrissy, 32, says she was recently asked to stop breastfeeding her son, Moses, at a public pool in Ohio because of complaints from pool-goers.