Manly Problems Women Have

Manly Problems Women Have

A deep voice, a raging sex drive and a beer belly – does this describe your husband, or you? The Doctors show women how to tone down their manly traits. Plus tips to banish belly bulge and how to look refreshed on zero sleep!

Vocal Cords

The Doctors explain how the human voice is produced and why male and female voices sound different.

Accentuate Your Hips!

Jeannie Mai, host of The Style Network's How Do I Look? shares her secret for emphasizing your hips.

A Lively Libido

A raging sex drive is more commonly associated with men than women, but with married couple Savannah and Matthew, the tables are turned. Learn why the female libido fluctuates.

Bump Up Your Bum!

Jeannie Mai, host of The Style Network's How Do I Look? reveals tips for creating a rounder booty with your clothes!

Chin Implant

Erika says she is self-conscious about her weak chin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond performs a chin implant to create the profile she desires.

Tracheal Shave

Both men and women have Adam's apples, but April feels that hers protrudes too much. Plastic surgeon Dr. Toby Mayer reduces April's Adam's apple by performing a tracheal shave.