How to Choose the Best of the Worst

Find out why women cannot go toe-to-toe with men when it comes to drinking alcohol. Plus, hangover remedies for anyone!

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and dentist Dr. Kevin Barrett take The Doctors co-executive producer, Andrew Scher, to the procedure room so he can get his broken crown fixed in only an hour's time with the Cerec CAD/CAM dental system.

Dr. Sears takes his 6-year-old nephew, Bobby, out for a hot dog, but things quickly head south when Bobby throws a temper tantrum. In this web-exclusive alternate ending, see what happens when Dr. Sears scolds Bobby in front of the entire line.

The Doctors co-executive producer, Andrew Scher, has been in pain for several months due to a broken crown, and hasn't had time to get it fixed because of his busy schedule.