Things that Need Warning Labels

Smoking in Films

Attorney and author of The Everyday Advocate, Areva Martin, joins The Doctors to discuss whether smoking in kids' films should be banned.

Heart Attack Grill

There is a growing trend in homes and at restaurants throughout the country to eat increasingly more calories. The Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona prides itself on bad-for-you, artery-clogging entrees. Recently, their 575-pound spokesman, Blair...

Ask Our Doctors

From long waits in the waiting room and how they train future physicians, The Doctors pull the back the curtain on the doctor's office and answer your biggest questions!

Plastic Packaging

If you're ever frustrated, injured or stumped when trying to remove the plastic packaging that encases many products, you're not alone. Check out The Docs' safe and easy solution!

"The Doctors" Saves a Life

For about a year, David, now 48, experienced blood in his stool and believed the problem was due to hemorrhoids. Despite using ointments to treat the hemorrhoids, he continued to have bloody stools.