Get it Out of Your Body Now!

Shannon eats sushi almost every day. While she knows that fish is a healthy protein, she is concerned that eating sushi so often could be harmful to her health.

Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban demonstrates how to remove unsightly blackheads from the back.

While you pay close attention to what goes into your body, are you aware of what needs to come out? From stomach parasites to blackheads and mercury poisoning, The Doctors explains our body’s most unwelcome occupants.

Phlegm is a frontline defense mechanism for your respiratory system. It catches germs, dust and viruses, and moves up into your nasal cavity to flush out these foreign elements.

Board-certified aesthetician Nina Curtis demonstrates the Body System, a new-age body wrap that increases circulation and improves lymphatic flow to melt inches off your waist!

Gastroenterologist Dr. Su Sachar explains that parasites are organisms that live in your intestinal tract, and are often contracted through contaminated water and food that hasn't been properly cleaned.