10 Problems, 20 Solutions

Pajama Jeans

Stop the discomforts and irritations of tight, skinny jeans while still looking sharp.

Pure Sleep

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates an alternative to surgery to help snoring and sleep apnea.

Pet Accidents

Veterinarian Dr. Bernadine Cruz and her four-legged volunteer, Sam, demonstrate two solutions for preventing pet accidents.

Dry Skin

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon and beauty expert Rebekah George talk solutions for healthier skin.

10 Problems, 20 Solutions

Whether it’s combating a cold sore or fighting fat, get a double dose of solutions for your 10 biggest health problems. And, fix your pet’s potty problems in no time!

2-Week Quick Slim

Bestselling author, Liz Vaccariello, shows an accelerated weight loss solution from her book, The 400 Calorie Fix.