“Jersey Shore” Star Undergoes 6 Pack Surgery! Housewives on Drug-Spiked Cheese? Cow Cuddling Therapy? DIY Facial! Are Women Happier with Younger Men? Autistic Man’s Amazing Weight Loss; New Fitness Trend: Crawling Emotional Support Alligator

Kim Kardashian made the blood facial go viral when she posted a photo of herself on social media. One blogger decided to create a DIY version and shared her how-tos with her readers. 

After Kim Kardashian shared her blood facial, which used palette rich plasma, on social media other people have begun doing DIY versions of the procedure.

Move over therapy dogs, there's a new guy in town... Wally the Alligator! Yes, this alligator is making headlines for being a therapeutic animal offering support to senior citizens and children in Pennsylvania.