Inside the O.R – Woman’s Ear Surgery; Woman Who Sweats Purple? Mom Suing Doula for Giving Newborn Formula? Cancer Patient’s Hospital Bags Searched for Marijuana? Tip for Lowering Blood Pressure? The Real-Life Aquaman?

From diet to exercise, you might consider yourself fairly healthy, but are you considering all aspects of your overall health?

Rudy Reyes is a US Marine Corps Vet and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also played himself in the HBO miniseries "Generation Kill" and now is spending his time saving the planet!

We go ‘Inside the O.R.’ for an amazing update on a previous guest who’d been bullied her whole life for her large ears! The Doctors consult woman with a unique decades-long condition of sweating purple?

The Doctors are joined by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Rudy Reyes to discuss his mission to help conserve and protect the oceans with his nonprofit Force Blue. He discusses the importance of protecting coral reefs and supporting marine life.