Puppy Poopetrators! Is There a Silver Lining to the Opioid Crisis? Judge Mary’s Family Health Crisis; Buzz or Bust: Skin Matching Foundation; Drs. Check Up; Spiked Water? Music to Beat the Flu?

The Doctors are joined by Face The Truth co-host Judge “Scary Mary” to discuss how some apartment buildings and housing complexes are requiring dog owners to have their dog’s DNA tested and kept on file to help identify poop that is not picked up.

Dr. Travis Stork and Pfizer’s Chief Patient Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall discuss motion sickness, which affects approximately 1 in 3 people, and share how those who suffer from this condition can find relief.

The Doctors continue their discussion about the rare autoimmune disorder Myasthenia Gravis with Face The Truth co-host Judge “Scary Mary” and her niece Sarah, who is living with the disorder.