Genetic Testing for Cancer Prevention? Saving My Daughter! Spider Butt Lift?! I Lost My Finger to a Puma and Grew It Back! Green Tea Toxic? Diet to Get Closer to God? Romance and Relaxation with Robin McGraw! One-Minute Fashion Fixes!

Are you trying to limit your carbohydrates, but have a love for bread? The Doctors have a helpful food tip that can help you curb your carbs while still enjoying wonderful bread.

Senior investigative producer Leslie Marcus shows The Doctors how to upgrade your fashion and style in under a minute, including tips on stepping up your purse and belt game.

Robin McGraw joins The Doctors to share her new Robin McGraw Revelation Valentine’s Day gift box, which is filled with a sensuous selection of floral bath, body and skincare products.

The Doctors meet Ja’Niya, who last her finger when a puma ripped it off in Honduras. Find out how she was able to grow it back through the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma ) under the treatment of regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Akash Bajaj.