Star of ‘The Good Doctor’ Nicholas Gonzalez Visits the Doctors! Parents Use ‘Do Not Touch’ Tags for Babies? Happy Healthy Smoothies! Young Mom’s Foot Pain Turns out to Be Cancer! Robin McGraw Beauty Secrets! Man’s Incredible Fingernail Transformation!

The Doctors and “The Good Doctor” star Nicholas Gonzalez discuss the trend of using tags and signs which instruct strangers to not pick up or touch newborn babies.

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables in your meals? The Doctors taste smoothies from Happy Healthy (which Doctors executive producer, Jay McGraw, is one of the founders of) that can help you get more fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

Robin McGraw joins The Doctors to discuss the latest amazing products from her skincare line Robin McGraw Revelation and she also reveals details about daily skincare routine that keep her skin looking its best.

The Doctors meet actor Paolo, who shares that skincare products like Robin McGraw Revelation have helped boost his confidence and also look his best at auditions.