Teacher Gives Insensitive Award? No-Swell Filler?! Dr. Steven Curley’s Book ‘In My Hands.’ Meatless Meals with Keri Glassman! Woman Searches for Mr. Right!

The Doctors and psychologist and attorney Dr. Lisa Strohman discuss the practice of upcoding, which is a fraudulent medical bill for a service that is more expensive than it should have been based on the service that was performed.

The Doctors are joined by surgical oncologist Dr. Steven Curley, who wrote “In My Hands: Compelling Stories from a Surgeon and His Patients Fighting Cancer,” and he shares how he’s able to keep hope alive in patients after a cancer diagnosis.

Teacher gives student an ADD award? Does this new no-swell filler really work? Dr. Steven Curley discusses his new book “In My Hands.” Keri Glassman’s secret meatless meals! How one woman chooses between three suitable bachelors!