Legal Woes for Woman Living with 50 Recluse Spiders! Sex Addiction Declared Mental Health Disorder; Liver Cancer Mortality up over 40%! Impaled with Metal Rod While Driving! Woman Engagement Ring Gets Stuck ‘Down There!” Can Vitamin D Help Your Sex Life?

The Doctors are joined by interventional oncologist and radiologist Dr. Kien Vuu to share why the rates of liver cancer are on the rise. Dr. Vuu says these increased cancer rates are linked to what we eat and our alcohol consumption levels.

The Doctors share the story of a woman who claims over 50 brown recluse spiders were found in her apartment and says she was bitten repeatedly in her bed. Find out what you should do if you believe you have been bitten by a poisonous spider.

The Doctors share the story and look at photos of a man who was driving behind a truck when a giant piece of metal flew off of it and impaled him through the right side of his chest and shoulder.